Monday, September 10, 2012

Ronald Pilgrim's Passion for Fashion

St Philip's own Ronald Pilgrim will be staging a fashion show fund raiser for the church on September 22. I recently had an opportunity to sit with Ron and interview him about his passion for fashion and his love of the church.

Ron began his career as a young boy in his native Barbados. In order to surprise his mom, Ron created his first dress at the tender age of 12. Using his allowance money Ron got a friend to buy the material and using only a needle, thread and his imagination, he made a dress for his younger sister. Ron (or "Rollo" as his younger sister used to pronounce his name) received many accolades from friends and neighbors for his first creation. Everyone who saw it encouraged him to pursue his passion and develop his talents.

When he got older Ron studied tailoring for two years, and then went to work. He recalls his first pay was 2 schillings or just 48 cents. Although Ron worked as a tailor, his recalls that his real passion was always been for women's fashion. He soon followed his dream and dressmaking went from being a hobby to a full time job. Six decades later he is still going strong.

Although he has come a long way since then, for Ron it has never been about the money. Ron is happy doing what he loves and despite his very modest rates, Ron has made a good living from his creations.

Ever since he was a little boy Ron always went to church. He has fond memories of Sunday School. In fact Ron loved church so much that he would attend both morning and evening services. In describing his experience at St. Philip's he says that he was "well received from the beginning." He went on to say the church has brought "peace to my world"

One of Ron's greatest influences was his mother. "She was a great influence and very supportive," As Ron explained, the elders would point their fingers at him and say "Ma Pilly, has raised you right." She sure has Ron and we are proud to have you as a member of our congregation.

The fashion show is a momentous occasion for Ron, please come and help him celebrate what he describes as "his dream come true."

Ronald Pilgrim Creations will be on show on September 22nd in the Memorial Hall at 5 PM. Drinks and hors d'oeuvres are included. Tickets are available at the office ($25) (514) 481-4871. For more information or to reserve your ticket contact Ronald at 514 524 1085.

Proceeds go to St. Philip's Anglican Church.

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