Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Rev. J.B. Pratt's Reflections on Easter and St. Philip's

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Easter is the Christian Passover, and a central part of our Holy Week and Easter liturgies is the Exodus story. At the Easter Vigil, we here the story of the Israelites’ deliverance at the Red Sea, how God parted the waters so that they could pass through the sea, on to new life and hope en route to the Promised Land. In baptism, we also pass through the waters to new life in Christ.

In the past year, we have come through our own trials and difficulties, and have emerged with God’s help. We are seeing signs of new life and growth: new members, more children and young families, energy for some new initiatives.

We are not in the Promised Land yet. Like the Israelites when they reached the other side of the Red Sea, we still have a stretch of desert between us and our destination, which is still unknown to us. We know that destination will involve a redefining of our mission in the community, and major changes to our buildings and campus.

If we spend our time and energy looking backwards, as the Israelites longed for the flesh-pots of Egypt, we face a long period of wandering in the desert. Instead, we need to look continually forward, trusting in one another, and in God to guide us, so that our vision of the future may become clearer, and we may march ever forward toward it, continually rejoicing in the new life and hope that God offers to us.

Yours in Christ,
James B. Pratt, Rector

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