Thursday, February 13, 2014

St. Philip's Church Presents a Reading of the Dylan Thomas’ Play, "Under Milk Wood"

You are invited to come to a secret place – a quiet place, comfortably nestled in amongst the rafters of an old Welsh attic, deftly suspended over a day in the life of the citizens of Llareggub. We are neither seen nor heard, but from our attic vantage point we can observe in intimate detail the most private dreams, hopes and disappointments of the townspeople below.

What we see from our attic is not beautiful. Although it is never ridiculous and never flattering, it is starkly honest to all who care to watch. We see alcoholics, people consumed by bitterness, people who have given up, people in denial. Even the children are less innocent than one might expect.

So why should we watch these Llarreggubian lives play out below us like this? Like a Norman Rockwell painting, “Under Milk Wood” shows some of our foibles and allows us to smile at them. Milk Wood foibles though, are darker and grimier than what we all love to see in a Rockwell painting. They challenge us to accept what is real, but even more, to strive to make life all that it can be in this dark context. Life is not hopeless – it is just full of disappointments. If we can see ourselves in Llareggub (and in this attic we will have no choice) we can own ourselves as we are, and perhaps even allow this newfound grubby-handed honesty to enrich our own lives a little.

The attic will be opened at St-Philip’s Anglican Church on Saturday 22 Feb, at 19h. Coffee and desserts will be provided. Admission is free, but you are asked to bring a non-perishable food item for the NDG Food Depot if you are able. For more information, please call the Church Office (514-481-4871).

Come on out and enjoy a fun evening with us.

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