Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Church of England to Allow Female Bishops

The Church of England broke with nearly 2000 years of tradition and agreed to allow women to become bishops. Women have been allowed to be priests for two decades, but up until now they have been prevented from becoming bishops.

The historic vote in favor of female bishops easily secured the required two-thirds majority among the laity. Only 45 lay members of the synod voted against it and 152 voted in favor. Among bishops and clergy there is even greater majority.

John Spence, a blind evangelical Christian gave a closing speech in which he said, "Your faith is my faith, is all of our faith, and every one of us has a vital role to ensure that the searing vision of the risen Christ is taken out into this country, trust not misplaced. You, like me, will come to see … I am confident that we can walk hand in hand, and return the risen Christ to his rightful place at the centre of this country, its conscience and its culture."

Archbishop Justin Welby urged the synod to vote in favor, saying that the move would show the world how Christians could practice "good disagreement".

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