Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Goodbye Letter from a St. Philip's Family

To our dear friends at St Philip's Church ...

Greetings from Ontario!

We never imagined that we'd be saying our goodbyes to you in a letter. Our plan was to attend mass in mid-September and to spend our last Sunday in Quebec at Saint Philip's. Somehow life got in the way, and weeks later, here we are.

Last week while Sophie-Claire and I were at the library we both noticed that the librarian bore a striking resemblance to Carol Edward. In talking about it, Sophie-Claire furrowed her brow and said, ''Do you think Carol remembers me? And do you think THEY ALL remember us?'' ''I think so'', I replied. But my words kind of caught in my throat as I felt my heart pinch a bit. It's never easy to say goodbye, and we never had the chance to do it properly. Although our move went extremely well and we transitioned quite smoothly, there's the other part of the move that we're facing now. The hoopla has quieted down and we're dealing with the sadness of having had to leave behind special friends.

We send you our humble thank yous for having welcomed us into the church with open arms, for having supported us during some very difficult times, for the smiles and the warm greetings, the delicious meals and for always saving the same spot for us in the same pew every week (that one was important for Sophie-Claire!). We were so proud to be a part of the St Philip's family and will miss you all.

We will also miss Father Jim's sermons, the beautiful sounds of the choir and singing together, the prayers, the church windows and the building itself. It always felt like home.

Sophie-Claire misses Carol, Rebecca, Bea and Katou and especially Leslie, who would always lend a sympathetic ear when the subject of horses came up! Sophie-Claire is proud to let you know that she has graduated from ponies to horses and has a new friend named Ace (he's a very tall thoroughbred who loves to jump!).

It seems a bit odd to read about the events going on at the church and not be able to offer our support, but we are there in spirit! As soon as the opportunity allows we will be in Montreal and will attend mass again with all of you, that's for sure.

We wish you all a beautiful holiday season, and an easy winter too.

With our best wishes always,

Lori Ann, Jean-Guy and Sophie-Claire

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