Sunday, April 5, 2015

Warden's Easter Message

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

As we write this in mid-March the winter of 2015 shows no signs of abating. However, we are ever hopeful that spring will be coming soon and along with it, warmer weather.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all those who volunteer their time to the church. We especially want to thank Luc, who has taken on the challenge of chairing the Building and Maintenance Committee, and Barry, who has agreed to help him by contributing his considerable talents. Cynthia has stepped up as the People's Warden Designate, and many others (too many to mention) continue to contribute to our vibrant church life.

St. Philip's provides an opportunity to worship and to serve. Through our church we all belong to something greater than ourselves and we are all afforded the opportunity to give. At this time, we ask you to consider how much you value your church and what it means to be part of this Christian community.

During this season of lent, we are counting on you to give of your time and your treasure. Our own Father Jim is leading by example as he has agreed to give up his home at the rectory so that we may reduce our expenses. We urgently need more support for our operating budget if we are to keep moving forward with our missions and our redevelopment plans. In addition to increasing your giving to the general fund, we ask that everyone fill out a pledge form and consider electronic giving (aka Par, which stands for pre-authorized remittance).

Our church is powered by the commitment of our volunteers. There are a number of committees that meet monthly, including Buildings & Maintenance, and Advisory Board. There are also groups like the Altar Guild, Sidesmen, Meeters & Greeters, and the Lector’s Guild. We hold a number of events such as the Book & Bake Sale, the Christmas Bazaar, the Men’s Pancake Brunch, and the NDG Food Depot Drive. One of the forthcoming events that requires all hands on deck is the Spring Cleanup. If you have not volunteered for any of these committees, groups or events, please speak to your wardens or Father Jim.

Being a parishioner at St. Philip's is a wonderful opportunity for fellowship but this is dependent on your support. We are all responsible for the welfare of our church. Collectively we shoulder the burdens, and together we carry the load. We have achieved so much over the last year, yet so much remains to be done. Please help us to keep the church moving forward.

We wish you and your loved ones a happy Easter.

Yours in Christ,
Richard & Shan

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