Saturday, September 10, 2016

Thanks and Best Wishes to Steven B. as he Embarks on a New Chapter of His Life

Last Sunday parishioners at St. Philip's said goodbye to Steven B. who is moving out west. While we wish him well we cannot help but feel some sadness. However, our spirits are buoyed by the knowledge that our loss is another church's gain.

Steven is the kind of person that represents the best of who we are as a Christian family. His quiet leadership and faithful dedication will be sorely missed.

As a warden he helped to steward our parish through some difficult times.  As one of the people who patiently yet persistently pursued me to be warden I owe him a personal debt of gratitude.

Despite repeatedly refusing the position and explaining that I have young children and a business to run, he did not give up. In his ever so gentle way he helped me to hear the call to service and as I approach the end of my term I am thankful that he did.

He was commonly the first person to reach out to people in need.  In his unassuming way Steven is a mentor and a role model. He lives his Christian values as very few of us do.

As he embarks on the next chapter of his life we want him to know that he will always have a place at St. Philip's both literally and figuratively.

We will not soon forget him and those of us who have been touched by his gifts will carry that memory forward.

We thank him for seven years of dedicated service to St. Philip's and we wish him all the best.

Steven's Thoughts and Reflections on Lent

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