Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why Be Part of St. Philip's Anglican Church

When it comes to choosing our faith in North America we have a wide variety of choices. As Christians we can choose to be Roman Catholic, an Orthodox Christian, a Methodist, a Pentacostalist, or a Baptist.

The question then arises why be part of St. Philip's Anglican Church?

St Philip's embraces both the best of our tradition and new ways to worship as a community. We offer spiritually nourishing liturgy that opens us up to relationship with the Holy.

The Anglican church has deep roots stretching back to antecedents in the Episcopal Church, the Church of England, the Western Catholic Church, the Early Church and the Apostolic Fathers. Christianity is an historic religion and a realization of this connection with the past is the ballast which keeps the Church honest and truthful and faithful. While St Philips is an historic church it is also reaching out towards the future.

Above all, the Anglican Church draws its inspiration from Jesus Christ, unlike other protestant traditions it does not owe its existence to the theological inspiration of Calvin or a Luther or any other single teacher. Its faith was formed in the Apostolic Age and refined in the early centuries of the undivided Church. Its theology is that of the first seven Ecumenical Councils and it holds this theology in common with the great churches of Rome and the East. It has not chosen to emphasize one part of the faith over another, no matter how useful a single part may be. It preaches an individual living faith in Jesus Christ--but it stresses a life lived out in the given of the real Church, the community of saints.

The first mission of the Church is the worship of Almighty God. And it is in this context that the holiness of individual members is realized. Our worship is elegant, respectfully formal, essentially timeless in its form and attitude. Our worship is sacramental and liturgical, embracing the celebration of Holy Communion, Holy Baptism, and the other rites of the Church. That does not make it an historic relic or a sterile ritual. Our liturgy provides the foundation for personal holiness, for the continuing process of each member to stretch and reach and grow in God's grace.

We ask questions and we explore our faith with openness, candor and freedom. Faith is a journey, and we seek to travel together compassionately, respectfully and joyfully. Our mission is the Good News of Jesus Christ; our work is the building of the Kingdom of God;and our hope is peace and love made manifest in our lives and in the world.

The Anglican ethos, focuses on the relatively small parish church where people know and care for one another.

The Church is a rock, a sure foundation on which we can build our own lives and the lives of our children. Our Saviour was the supreme example of God's eternal love for us, and his particular commandment to us was to "love one another". We try to do this. Sometimes it's hard, of course. But we work at this business of loving; we work at it hard. And we love you. Even before we've met you. And we want to share that love when you come to visit us.

We think that you will find in St Philips that seriousness of purpose and joy in living that will best meet your deepest needs. We are certain that, among us, you can grow in grace and in the knowledge of God.

As a community, we strive to be present in the lives of those in need, fulfilling the Christian duty to serve. We create new forms of life-giving relationships, in collaboration with individuals and groups who are also responsive to those in need. We seek to connect people in a growing community to ministries for all age levels, and to discover opportunities for creating interconnections between Christ, our congregation, our community and the environment.

Being part of the St Philip's Church community simply entails that you worship with us regularly. Membership in our parish means being a part of our life and in time finding the areas of ministry and service that are right for you.

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