Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Parishioners on Spirituality: Finding God in Movement and Nature

As the social media coordinator at St. Philip's I have been asking parishioners about their personal relationship to spirituality. This is the second installment in an ongoing series where parishioners offer their take on spirituality. Here is Lori Ann L's moving response to the question of what spirituality means to her: 

Finding Spirituality

I was quite perplexed when first asked about my spiritual journey. As a child it was easy! My mind was less cluttered with life’s stuff. Many moons later, with days filled with to-do list upon to-do list, the challenge is far greater.

To begin, I make prayer, meditation and writing in a gratitude journal a daily practice.

As a person who loves to be on the move, taking time out to practice sports is essential. Whether I am in the ice arena, the dance studio or outside, the beauty of movement connects me to the Spirit, and I am at peace.

Otherwise, I make it a priority to enjoy the Earth’s visual feasts: summer moments spent gazing at the sunlight glistening on wind-swept lake waves . . . stopping in the middle of a winter walk to marvel at an intricate snowflake that’s found a new home on my bright red mitten. The scents of damp earth and the visual explosion of baby green leaves remind me of renewed life energy in spring. The fall colours that blanket my lawn remind me of the cozy warmth of home and family, fill my senses and envelope my soul.

Time stops and I can feel God . . . I am touched by the divine. Filled with gratitude and love, I gaze in wonder at these magnificent gifts from the Earth and I am in awe of the enveloping presence of God.

 Lori Ann L.

Anyone who would like to share their views on what spirituality means to them please to do so in the comments below. Alternatively if you wish to have your reflections published in the SPC blog, write a short summary of your ideas and submit them to Richard Matthews.

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