Friday, September 6, 2013

Parishioners on Spirituality: Nature and Music

As the social media coordinator at St. Philip's I have been asking parishioners about their personal relationship to spirituality. This is the first installment in an ongoing series where parishioners offer their take on spirituality. Here is Carol E's soulful response to the question of what spirituality means to her:

What is Spirituality for me? That is not an easy question to answer, as I find myself able to experience it and live it in many different situations, depending where I am on a given day. At work, there are often moments when I stop to send a quick prayer heavenward. Outdoors, walking in a park, or a garden, seeing the beauty in a leaf, bush or bird connects me to the Spirit. A walk in a forest always reminds me of just how small I am and how great God is to have created this wonderful planet.

At St. Philip's Church, the beauty of the building touches me but that is only a building. What I love most of all is the music on a Sunday morning, sung by the choir, that reaches deep inside me. The words of the motets are also often the words of scripture, but mostly it is the words of praise that bring me joy, as the music is an offering to God. This is when I feel the comfort of God's love, which holds me and supports me through the rest of the week. There is always music inside, even if the world is not going right all the time. God gave us music, as with everything, as a gift to share and enjoy. How lucky we are to have it.  

Carol E

Anyone who would like to share their views on what spirituality means to them please to do so in the comments below. Alternatively if you wish to have your reflections published in the SPC blog, write a short summary of your ideas and submit them to Richard Matthews.

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